Thank you Susie.

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Excellent review Mr. Finchem of Kari Lakes first day of trial. As I watched it I was praying as prayer in my LIFE is powerful and as I know move mountains for our LORD’S glory. I saw the same points brought to surface in the first day of the trial. Heb 4: 13 Nothinh in all creation is hidden from GOD’S sight Everything is uncovered… I brought up same issues in in my poll training when the presenter said no need to be concerned about signatures. That was not true. It’s extremely important to the process. She said I quote Mr Richer said don’t be concerned about signatures at the very beginning of our training. I stated no that’s not legal. She ignored my question. She told us many other things that were not aligned with the Az law of election integrity. I was never assigned a poll location. So not only was my vote stolen but my right to participate in the process was denied too because I was the one who knew the laws of election of Az. I don’t think I was the only one who knew just no one had the courage to speak up. I did report this all to the AG office of Bronvich at the time. This was the 2022 general election. May I suggest that poll watchers take a course in the laws of election process here in Az for our next round of elections. That they are encouraged to speak up speak out and question information instruction given during training that is false. We have to not let fear dictate our actions or we will become slaves to whom ever is in charge. We will essentially loose our freedom! I am a strong VOICE for all people. Most of all I am a WARRIOR for our LORD and when you are with HIM you fear nothing or no one. I have had lots of opposition and many people try to take me down because of my fight but no

One or thing will stop what HE our LORD has put in my SPIRIT TO do! Eph 6:10-20…

I put our GOD’S armor on everyday. I read HIS word everyday ask, seek and knock on HIS kingdom door for guidance and counsel. Our LORD ALMIGHTY is in this battle with me. HE wants to be in it for your too.


( A Prayer WARRIOR)

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I am happy people are liking this post. Thank you Mr. Finchem for your like. I know you will appreciate this comment. I am from a family of military from WWII to current and Law Enforcement. I know people have been jaded about those two most important and brave position as call to serve by our LORD. But remember they are called by GOD As it is spoken in Romans 13:1-6…

Check it out.

I also want to say so PROUD of my loved one was promoted to corporal in Law Enforcement. I don’t care if anyone mocks me or makes a nasty comment. I am so proud of him. He started his career as a guardian of the streets and our land in the Marine right after graduating high school. Enlisted came out as. Sargent appointed by his superior while on the battle filed in Afghanistan. We are a serving family too our GOD and nation. I am a PROUD mom of a most brave and courageous young man. There should be more men like him. I just wanted to bring this to our nations attention. If more were like him this nation would be safer and hAVE the PEACE our LORD GOD intended.

( A Prayer WARRIOR)

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